Your project

Take a speedboat excursion company as an example.
Boats depart 5 times a day with 12 free spots. Customers make reservations as early as possible, require confirmation. A Employee picks them up at their place of origin and transfers them to the port. They make the trip and then return them to their place.
The company administrator needs to know how many kilometers are made in transfers to calculate expenses, to know how many clients They have gone on excursions, manage the reservation calendar, etc. Afterwards, it would be interesting to send satisfaction surveys to improve the service, make work statistics and assess the service that they are giving, if there are excess trips or otherwise more could be done. a lot of information that can be automatically evaluated instead of doing calculations manually.
All this is possible with an application that manages all these functions making the clients autonomous. in reservations, notifications and transfers. The driver only needs to see the app to know the route to take.
All this at hand would mean having to receive calls, constantly check the calendar and confirm late cancellations. Contact the driver to indicate the client's position at all times. Really stressful routine work. When such a company turns its work into an automatic process, it can spend more time promoting itself and improving service than it does working. That means more profit.

Work route

Business consulting

In this phase we will make a count of the day to day in your business. We will check the tasks that must be carried out to design a customized database, know what we can implement and what needs we will have in the new application.

Requirement taking

Based on the first phase, we will collect the information that is necessary to implement in the new application. Data on employees and clients, parameters that are necessary such as working hours, etc. We are trying to estimate the volume that the application to adjust accommodation costs as much as possible.

Design and estimation phase

At this point, we review together the design documentation, which will be the basis that defines the work to be done. Under consensus we will have clear the functions that the application must perform and under what conditions, we will be in time to rectify things Finally, it only remains to calculate the time in which it will be carried out and what the costs will be.

Validation and go live

Here we give the go-ahead to everything planned and we agree on the financial issues.


Having reviewed the previous point, it only remains to work. I get down to work and develop the interface and the backend of the new application.

Project delivery

When delivering the project, not only the accesses and the documentation are delivered, but also a workshop and demo of the new application to learn how to use it.